Saturday, January 19, 2013

What to say to get your way


Its her again! Yes Ms Aireen Omar (gambar seperti di bawah hihi). CEO of Air Asia Berhad. Should include her in my idol list. Such a soft spoken person. Yes I want to be like her! Nothing is impossible!

Pheww my workload for this month and early Feb its gonna be a very very very challenging. When you are facing something 'big' event and just 2 week from now...and to me ITS A BIG EVENT!!...and you dont really have all the 'wajib' list that you should plan 2 or 3 month ago...its killing me! Not only butterfly are dancing in my stomach.. guppy fish,twinkle bell and all tiny cute things already inside me! Hahaha merapu!

But I believe my team can face this and do our best. As I said nothing is impossible! And always 'fikirkan boleh!' ( you know the song huh? ) and please please please really hope that I can manage all the plan because I'm going for a holiday trip with my parents end of this month...cuti Maulidur Rasul and Thaipusam kannn..owhh hari Khamis nih dah nak pergi laa. Planning for this 6 month ago! And I dont want because of the 'unprepared event'..gonna ruine my holiday trip huhuhu nooooo

I am not complaining. I will make it happen and perfect...WE will make it a success event of the year 2013 ( sorry for my POYOness but sometime we have to think BIG! ) and have you guys heard ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Timing is everything...make it work for you and me and all of us.

Always set in our mind that anyone who has worked for a corporation or agency knows that results are achieved collaboratively by a TEAM and not a person.

* the tittle for this post - indirectly related for the whole story. Get it? Hha


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